Hello Erasmus Students,

It’s already time to fully dedicate your Erasmus life to travelling around!
So with today’s blog post I will get you involved in the beauty nature of Montanejos and the so-called La Fuente de Los Banos, or the Hot Springs. This amazing area is known for the mineral spring water and the amazing surroundings (naturally created).

How to get there

From Valencia:

Getting to that breath-taking area is not that hard. If you want to explore the area around and independently take a walk, I can recommend renting a car. Fortunately, Valencia is full of opportunities when It comes to renting a car and you can choose from a variety of companies offering that service. I will share my experience and recommendations with ‘rent-a-car’ service more detailed in the next blog post.

The distance between Valencia and Montanejos is no more than 90 km which is around 1 hour and 10-15 minutes. Driving up the road A-23 will take you less than 40 minutes. Be careful to take the exit 42 from A-23 then just follow the road CV-195 into Calle San José/Montanejos. My advice is to be very carefully to follow the exact road because it’s very easy to get lost and just miss the sideway leading to it.

The road itself from Montanejos to the area of La Fuente de Los Banos is curvy and narrowed, so unless you are a skilled and experienced driver, I recommend not to rush in this adventure. Although the road is a bit dangerous and steep, the gorgeous landscape you will be going through is really worth it.

La Fuente de Los Banos

Luckily, there are quite a lot places to park your car so you don’t need to be concern about where to leave it. A small path will lead you to the desired destination where you can chill and relax among nature and the beautiful crystal waters.
This place is spacious and full of areas to rest. With the amazing views and surroundings, you will feel the time flies. Also, if you are with your friends and you want to spend the day having fun or having a picnic around that’s the perfect place! Also, don’t forget to take your swimsuit with you because it will be a shame not to dive in this beneficial to the health spring water. Furthermore, the warm water coming from a natural thermal spring remains at 24-5 degrees all year long.
Although in the area no food is permitted, you can benefit from the area around the kids’ playground.

There, you can also see a path leading to old Arab baths from 13 centuries. Ancient and beautiful!

Enjoy your trip and get ready for the next one!

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