On a budget in Ibiza,Spain


Hello, readers!

It's already time for the endless summer nights and the longest beach days. Hot sand, salty sea and unstoppable party. That’s what you need to prepare for. Especially if you are an ERASMUS student in Spain, let your best summer ever begin!

In today’s blog post will definitely make you travel and visit the most amazing island! If you are still wondering which island I am writing about, LET me introduce you – IBIZA, Spain!

Pristine beaches, transparent water and endless parties, that is just a small piece of the breath-taking island. Ibiza combines everything you need- from the infinity beach alleys and quite Laguna beaches to tranquillize to the amazing beach and pool bars where you can party until you faint.


However, all of us know how hard is to get in Ibiza for more than 3 days. Expensive entrance, posh places and costly restaurants- especially being an Erasmus student. But don’t worry! Here I will advise you on how to ‘’survive’’ on a low budget in Ibiza without missing anything!

Tickets & Flights

Firstly, as logically, as earlier you reserve a flight ticket as cheaper will be. As we know, there are some low-cost companies which can provide you with the not that costly ticket. Companies like Ryanair,Vueling are always with affordable prices. Of course, the airport you are flying from does matter. From Valencia,Spain the cheapest deal is with Ryanair company where you can book a ticket for 49 euros with the way back. Also, the flight from Valencia lasts only 30 minutes. Already plan your journey in advance to avoid the expensive taxes.
What also matters - the period you are planning to go. As every resort has its high and low season, so Ibiza does. Basically, the clubbing or party season starts at May when every disco & club opening is. The whole season continues until the end of September when is the closing of the big venues

Hotels & Arriving

Same as it is with the tickets, as earlier you book your hotel, as cheaper it will be. There are many websites where you can book a place to stay but the most trustful and full of deals stay Airbnb.com and Booking.com. There you can find whatever you are looking for (from villas and private houses to apartments and low-cost hostels). The prices vary between 400-500 euro per apartment in a nice hotel in the area of Ibiza town (when booked in advance – 3 months before the actual going).
Here it comes the pleasant part – the flight and the arriving to this piece of heaven- Ibiza. As I already mentioned the flight from Valencia is approximately 30 mins long and the atmosphere in the plane is always cheery. As Ibiza is famous for the bride parties, don’t be surprised if you get into the ‘’gang’’ of the ‘’bride’s team’’.

alt If you are fighting during the day time you will catch the amazing views from the plane, especially when it gets lower and lower to the island.

When you land on the island, depending on where you are staying you can either get a taxi (which is not that costly especially if you are more people sharing it) or get a bus to the place your accommodation is.

Party & Beach time

Again depending on the area you are in there are many places and venues to visit. If you prefer going to a beach party or pool one during the day, the Ocean Beach Ibiza is the perfect one for you. The tickets vary again (the lowest you can get is 10-15 just for the entrance). One of the biggest parties there is during the opening or closing. The pool parties there are always unforgettable and unstoppable. You can either pay for a bed (which is quite expensive) or order a drink and stay by the pool (a glass of a Shpritz is 10-13 euro). This pool bar is located in Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Another cool beach bar is Bora Bora, located in the city of Ibiza and it is super close to the airport so you can see every single aeroplane which is landing. During the day the parties there gets super-hot and the music is mainly techno. There is no entrance for this beach bar, however, the drinks are bit expensive.
alt The most famous discos like Pacha and Space are also in the city of Ibiza. You better buy tickets for these discos online or from the people who are selling them during the day (you will get to know them once you go the beach). For the opening, the prices are from 50 to 89 euro only for the entrance. But this is the cheapest way of getting a ticket.

Another venue which is a must is the boat party. The boat parties are organised nearly every day and there are 2 main companies having them. I would recommend ‘’Beautiful people’’ one. You can buy ticket online or on the spot of the tickets selling which is again in the city of Ibiza. The price for it is 79 euros when there is an open drink bar included.


alt Also, on the boat, there are different activities as banana boat jet ski and other which are for free.

So, don’t hesitate to book your ticket now and have the best summer ever!


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