Rent A room In Valencia : The Simplicity behind the panic

So dear friends, there it is- the time you need to think about where you are going to live during your Erasmus period.
Most of you maybe already got panic months ago, other may not even think about it, however if you read the next few lines you get to know how ‘’Valencia is dealing with renting’’ 

Preparation in advance!

As you may already know, every new place you are going to requires some thoughts in advance. If you haven’t heard it by now Valencia is the most desirable city for Erasmus in Europe. So you can imagine how many students per year are looking for accommodation. So the competition is huge!


Coming on Erasmus you already know you will be dealing with different nations, different behaviors and different people. So be open minded and insist on living with others- don’t search for a place for your own. When will be the next time you will have such an opportunity to observe and live with international people?!

First thing you need to know is that it’s a MUST to set up a maximum budget which will help you with further searching. Also, you need to consider what your requirements are – which amenities you can’t live without and which you can kind of ‘skip’.


Another thing to think about is the location and considering the fact that Valencia has these beautiful Mediterranean beaches – you need to decide either you want a place near by the sea or you are coming for the winter months where you will need better connection with the city center.
Here you can have a look at one of the best areas for living in Valencia:

alt Blasco Ibanez >>close to UPV and UV campus BlascoIbanez

altEl Carmen - old city centre

alt Benimaclet- Student city

Research, research, research!

We all know that the primary research is more than important when it comes to something we will pay for and moreover somewhere we will live in. So take a quick look in the internet, join as many Facebook pages (for Erasmus students) as you can and start scrolling around!

Search for the prices! Be aware that there are different areas with different rent costs. Mainly, the rent price depends on the room amenities, on the safety, size and of course location. So you need to know that the double rooms with private baths will always be the most expensive one.

altDouble Bedroom In the city center


Another thing to know (which is really important and honestly I wish someone has written a blog about it before!) is that you DON’T need to be afraid of booking online! As all human beings are most of the time insecure and mistrustful we tend to just ‘pass by’’ the websites which offer us rentals. We all thing ‘’oh no another agency to deal with- now commission – now annoying people trying to convince you.’’) However, if you research carefully you will get to know that there is difference between an agency and organization which offers rentals and only targeting students.

Here you can take a look at such organization which helps Erasmus students to settle down and it’s always positive to the customers. >>

Don’t be afraid to book a room!

Think about it – all the struggle when you need to deal with searching for a place on the spot. Walking around and going every day for viewings. Don’t load your mind with unnecessary things when your perfect room can be just on one click!
So have a look at the options online and if you like a room watch videos , photos and reviews to be absolutely sure that’s legit and the room fits you.

Last but not least, think about the moment when you will be arriving in Valencia. Some companies offer pick up service (picking up from the airport/bus station- directly to your place) which is so helpful in this case. You can benefit from it on super low price and definitely will worth it. For example -

In conclusion I want to say that the ‘’secret’’ behind the successful dealing with rentals is preparation and reserving in advance, especially when it comes to Valencia- The city of Erasmus!