Neglected Spanish treasure: Torrevieja

Popular among locals and still undiscovered by foreigners treasure small resort Torrevieja is nestled in the South of Valencia. It is located in the 8province of Alicante* and has the population of around 100,000 people. So when I asked my friends in Valencia how to easily get to Torrevieja everyone just shrugged shoulders and referred me to one of their friends.

alt Soon I gave up and decided to do the research myself and actually it is very easy to get to Torrevieja from Valencia. From Estacion de Nord there are regular trains to Alicante ( the price varies depending on the day of the week and time from 15 euros to!! 45 euros one way!) or buses from the main bus station. The journey takes about 1.30 – 2.50 hours depending on the stops that the bus or train has to make. From Alicante you need to make a change and take an “Alsa” bus to Torrevieja for only 4,5 euros. Here you can check the prices and schedule

The first thing I noticed upon my arrival to Torrevieja is that it is a typical summer resort with a big promenade, along which local and foreign tourists are strolling day and night, stopping in one of the hundreds cafes or restaurants with traditional spanish cuisine. The most impressing thing for me on this resort was the wide wooden pier, which is at least 2 km long, from which on a warm July Saturday nights people gather to watch colorful and fascinating fireworks. The pier ends with a lighthouse that illuminates the way for small yachts that are huddling in a snug port and at the same time, it serves as a secluded place for the loving couples.

Right next to the pier there is a big amusement park that at night sparkles and blinks with colors and from which the smell of traditional Spanish pastry churros, popcorn and doughnuts spreads on hundreds of meters luring small children and their parents. The music and overall excitement are prevailing here until the late night.

But not only for churros and the promenades that one can find on other Spanish resorts I came to Torrevieja. No. Firstly, I decided to come here because this town is still unknown to a common tourist and secondly and most importantly, because it is famous for its salt fields that are scattered around the city and, allegedly, are good for your health and skin.

The first salt field appeared here already in the 18th century, when the king of Spain Charles IV moved the salt production offices from La Mata to the town itself and allowed the construction of the dwellings on the outskirts. Although, the town was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1829, the salt basins were soon restored and re-opened again. Exactly from this marine city, the salt was shipped to such countries as Sweden and Holland.
alt There are many salt fields around the city and some of them were turned into spa resorts and health centers, where people have to pay entrance fee, some services and procedures that are offered there. However, there are still some “wild” uncultivated lakes where informed tourists can get in for free. And I will share with you one of this places here.

It is called Laguna Salada de Torrevieja. From Torrevieja goes a direct bus line B ( the most convenient stop is located next to the bus station in the center) and it takes around 30 minutes to get to the place . Then just follow the people, who get through the fence and walk along the wasteland until they see the pink water appearing from the bushes. I have never seen anything like this before: huge pink-coral calm lake, it is pleasantly warm and the most fascinating thing – you can’t sink in this lake. The water holds you on the surface and you can do whatever you want but sink.

Next to the lake there is a small puddle with mud. According to locals, this mud has some special medical effect . It renovates your skin and makes it smoother. Apply this mud and wait 10 minutes and then wash it off in the salty lake. Please be careful and don’t repeat my mistakes. Don’t try to wash the mud off your face with the salty lake water but it is better to bring with you a bottle ( or batter a tank) of normal water. And indeed after 15 min of the procedure you feel that your skin becomes so soft and refreshed as a skin of a newborn.

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