Russafa: Valencian Greenwich Village

Mostly people have heard of these magnificent spots of Valencia before they arrive - the City of Arts and Science, the biggest aquarium in Europe Oceanographic, Puente de Serranos, Plaza de Carmen, the biggest European market – Mercado central. However they are not aware that there is a unique quarter Russafa which is the perfect place from which you can easily and quickly reach all of these points.

Thanks to all of Russafa’s characteristics it seems to be a place from dreams for Erasmus students who are eager to gain all possible international experiences and who are willing to get acquainted with people who they could not ever meet at home.


The entrance to this marvelous triangular garden (in Arabic ‘russafa’ means ‘a garden’) already describes it as a special place. The building of Corrida with a museum kindly and in traditional way welcomes the most different Valencian visitors to see what is hidden behind that magical circle. Just behind a matador’s temple, there is Russafa, which is spread in a shape of a triangle. It does not have a character of Bermuda, but there is still something which makes it to be a part of fantasy.


Russafa is actually a modern part of Valencian city center. Even though it is not the ancient area, Ruzafa (in Valencian) is neither a place where you could find skyscrapers nor contemporary civil engineering ‘creatures’. This neighborhood beats by youth and international vibes. For all of those who do not want to be part of mainstream wave, Russafa should be the perfect place to find their own peace and places which are unusual.


That is why a research of Russafa seems like a journey and not like a regular walk. Coming from Puerto Rico to Cuba or Buenos Aires and just after a few corners finishing in Denmark, Germany or Philippines really makes a visitor to forget that he is in the heart of Valencia. Actually he just walks from one street to another which are named by different countries.

All of these diversities are mixed and created into a conglomeration which smells of bohemian, alternative and extraordinary sense. It would not be incorrect to name it as Valencian Greenwich Village. It is not New York for sure and you cannot find a building where a series Friends was recorded or Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, but still it is almost impossible to be in Russafa and lose a chance to meet some of Spanish celebrities.


Moving to Russafa would definitely provide you with so many extraordinary things from graffiti at every single corner, murals, lovely neighbours whose skin covered by colorful tattoos and pierced, to tavernas, bars, Indian, Egyptian and other restaurant, which radiate by good atmosphere and from where you could smell spirit of the rest of the world.

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