Explore Valencia by Public Transport

All students start their introduction to Valencia by learning the transportation system,I wasn't the exception. Now I would like to reveal you the advantages and disadvantages of each public transport type which from the first sight seems quite complicated.

About the public transport in Valencia, there is an extensive net of buses and metro/trams ( here there is no distinction between underground and surface transport – everything is called metro). However, I have been here for almost two weeks and I used metro only twice ( on my way from the airport and once when I was really lost) as
you can reach many places by bike.


However, for the students from Burjassot and Moncada universitites, and for the interns who work far from the city, the metro is the only option left. There are nine metro lines that connect very well the further parts of Valencia to the centre from around 5am to 12pm. To buy a metro ticket, you can go to any metro station, and buy a ticket for either 2,5 euros for the zone A, 5 euros for the four zones, or 7 euros if you want several travels among the zone A. To go to the Tarrongers campus, you can use the line 3 and 4, and to go to the Blasco Ibanez campus, you can use the line 3 and stop at Facultats. And after a day at university, you might want to relax at the beach, you will need to take the line 6 direction Dr. Lluch and stop at either Eugenia Vines or Les Arenes.

So the best way to get around the city is by using bikes, that I frequently do. In Valencia exists a Valenbici system. Hundreds of bicycle stations are scattered around the city for the public use. I was happy that my company got me a Valenbici card that people can buy here for 30 € per year. The card gives me the possibility to use a bike for free for 30 minutes. Usually 30 minutes is enough for me to get almost anywhere I want in the city, but if not I can park my bicycle at the nearest station and get another one for 30 minutes. If you are a tourist in Valencia you can also get a valenbici, but it is a bit more complicated as then you need to leave the deposit of 150€ with your credit card.


For Erasmus and international students, who came to Valencia for a long term it is better and cheaper to aquire the bici card. The process of getting the valenbici card is not so hard but without neccessary guidance it maybe a bit confusing. In order to use valenbici one needs to register a code on his or her name by using either a card bought in the metro automat or by getting a plastic card ( which takes some time to make) on official website of the Valenbici company.

alt Valencia is an amazing city for riding a bike. There a special roads for bikes and the car drivers are so used to bicyclists that they usually give a road to you in case there is no extra path. However, my problem with this renting Valenbicy system was that sometimes there are no bicyles left on the station when I really need them to go to work, or there is no place to park them as all parking-lots are busy. This what happened to me on Monday 13th when there was a football game Italy – Belgium. I was late for a meeting so I took the bicycle the station where I wanted to park was fully occupied, which happens a lot, so I didn’t mind and kept cycling to another one. To my surprise all stations around my area were super busy so I had to go almost 1,5 kilometer father from the place I needed to be. Of course I was super late to the meeting but how stupid my excuse must have sound “ Sorry I couldn’t park my bike.”

So another option might be renting a bike for yourself and then you don't have to worry about bike parkings or availability of the bikes. If you are looking where to rent a bikeб our company, Happy Foreugners, world can help you find amazing bike ( for boys or for the girls) for the best student price.

It is funny and challenging to get use to the local public transport system but ,at the same time, it is very convenient then you need to reach university, city center, our friend's house and other places.I hope this overview of Valencia’s public transport network was useful and that you will never get lost anymore now that you know how to move from one place to another!

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